A couple of years back, Bram experienced how it is to let an unexperienced skater be in the ‘flow’ of skating. By supporting that person, it was possible to glide in a fluent movement over the ice.


Dynamic Figures gives figure skating courses and workshops focused on experiencing this ‘flow’ of gliding on ice. This is possible when the right balance and coordination are met.


The joy we see during these lessons with experience this flow is the reason we like to carry his out to more people.


Besides the lessons, we like to experiment with dance on the ice in different choreographies. As well in these we try to come to this ‘flow’ for ourselves, to create the most harmonious pieces.



Our story



At this moment we are working on our new figure skating course. More information will follow soon. 


Our Dynamic Figures

Bram van Meggelen


Founder of Dynamic Figures. Bram loves it to be creative on the ice and to help people develop themselves as a skater. He wants to use the experience as a Holiday on Ice showskater, the shows he created by himself in Sweden and the competitions he performed to create a beautiful collective.

Philipp Tischendorf


Co-Founder Dynamic Figures. Philipp is the German figure skating champion of 2007. Since a short time he started to be into yoga and is now a certified teacher. Besides this he enjoys being creative on the ice. To do so, he travels to his hometown Berlin, France and back to Amsterdam.  

Dynamic Figure


Do you think your skills can contribute to our collective? Let us know and so we can get to a good conversation about it. 


Our choreographies


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